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  • ECOPRENEURSHIP: The Rainbow Fruits from Indonesia
  • Digital Marketing in Emerging Country
  • Wireless IoT for Smart Cities
  • Coding Theory & Signal Processing in 5G Era

Ecopreneurship is one of the most alluring terms on the problem-solving landscape today and is in use as the chosen concept in order to cover sub-categories of entrepreneurship which attached ecological logic. It is widely known that ecology, which encompasses a balance of the biosphere and integrity, has a wider coverage in comparison to the concept of the environment. It explains the relationship between nature and humanity in the world.

This course provides the view to solve environmental issues, which brings the relationship between the concept of Indonesian cultural festivals and the growing spirit ‘from trash to cash’ for designing the recycling products to incorporate the knowledge and experience on ecopreneurship. Both strong sides and shortcomings are introduced in terms of their implications for what it means and how it works.

This course develops knowledge and skills for understanding marketing activities in context of digital marketing environment, digital marketing research, customer behavior online, shaping market offering, and digital marketing management in emerging country, Indonesia.

After completing this course, students should be able to understand  the conceptual framework of marketing in digital era and its applications in decision making for managing digital marketing in emerging market. Therefore, the students should be able to make decision on the digital marketing cases given and develop digital marketing planning.

This course is designed to explore protocols in the IoT system, a prospective low-cost connected environment. It contains a theory of protocol on each layer of the stack. Through theory, students will understand how these protocols work. In addition, practice provides a better understanding on how to implement the protocols in real applications of IoT. A project implementing a protocol should be developed and presented as the final project of this course.

At the completion of this course, students have the following capability:

  1. Explain service discovery and application layer protocols of the IoT protocol stack
  2. Explain infrastructure and influential layer protocols of the IoT protocol stack
  3. Design, program, and develop an IoT application based on a protocol in the application layer protocols

In Coding Theory course, students will learn the fundamental knowledge on information theory and coding theory, where almost all current information technologies are rooted  from. The lecture will also explore the basic knowledge required for future applications in 5G networks and beyond.